About Me

Hey there! I’m Medha, (pronounced may-the, like may the force be with you!) 😉

Photos by Sarah Barry

I’m a Kashmiri-American self-taught baker, recipe developer, food & travel blogger. I love donuts, jalapeño mac n cheese & Indian food.

I started @medhacooks in 2014 as a freshman in high school as a place to document my food creations. Now I am a History & IR (the cool kids’ way of saying International Relations) geek by day and developing recipes at night. While I currently live in A² for university, I was born in NYC & raised in a small lake town in Michigan.

keepin’ it sultry (sorry mama)

To see more of the food I make, you can follow along this journey on Instagram & Facebook. If you want inspiration visit my Pinterest page (it’s currently undergoing a detox 🙂)