French Crepes

Over the weekend I learned how to make the perfect crepes! For the the past 4 years, I’ve been trying to recreate the crepes that I ate in Paris in Spring of 2012. Luckily I had a real French lady help me! Thank you Déotille! 😘

There is a special, secret ingredient that you must add in order to get the perfect crepe.

I hope you give this recipe a try! 😊

French Crepes by Déotille 

300g of flour

6 eggs

Pinch of salt

30g of melted butter

50g brown sugar

750 ml milk

100 ml Beer


1. Mix all the ingredients together using a whisk or a large spoon in a large bowl.

2. Heat a skillet on medium heat for about 5 minutes before making crepes.

3. To test if the pan is hot, grease the skillet using oil or butter. Make a tiny crepe & if bubbles start to form shortly after, the skillet is hot enough! Yay!!

4. Reminder: be patient while making crepes. If this is your first time making crepes, then it will take several tries before you cook & flip the crepe perfectly. Pour a ladle full of crepe batter (around 1/4 cup) into the hot skillet & spread thinly & evenly across the surface. Make sure the batter cover the entire pan!

5. When bubbles start to form, take your spatula & gently loosen the edges of the crepe. Flip the crepe & cook for about 30 – 60 seconds (it all depends how hot your skillet gets).

6. After the crepe is fully cooked, place the crepe in a play. Repeat step 5 as many times as you need.

Serve the crepes warm with Nutella, berries & homemade whipped cream! Enjoy! 😘😘

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